About The Robinson School

The Robinson School mission is to prepare young adult males for life after high school. The Robinson School focuses on providing life centered skills to male graduates that have difficulty with anxiety, social issues and behavior disorders. The Robinson School will assist males with anxiety by teaching them meditation and relaxation techniques through yoga and exercise. In addition, the Robinson School also incorporates team sports, such as basketball, to assist with building social interaction with his peers. The Robinson School will address inappropriate behaviors by setting high expectations and rewarding positive behaviors with verbal accolades and tangible reinforcements

The Robinson School offers a full year of study after graduation from high school to prepare students with disabilities for the transition into a college or university. Students who successfully complete the postgraduate year invariably enter college directly after graduation from our school. The Robinson School is able to tailor the environment to meet the individual needs of the student in transition from high school to college. Our school offers both academic and life skill classes which have a lifelong value that transcends the college years.

The Robinson school meets the needs of Students with disabilities by offering:

  • Small class sizes
  • Assuring extended time for ACT/SAT
  • Overnight campus visits
  • Faculty who care and are available throughout the day and most evenings
  • Individual attention
  • Assisting with completing college applications
  • Applying for scholarships and financial aid
  • Behavior Modification
  • A daily class schedule, use of advanced technology, college atmosphere, and athletic programs all designed to reflect what the student may expect

College admission offices generally appreciate any program or course of study which enhances the probability that students will be well prepared to succeed upon entrance at their institutions. Hundreds of colleges across the nation enroll students each year from postgraduate programs and have done so for a long time. The concept of a post graduate, or “prep,” year between high school and college is not new. Admissions departments across the country appreciate young freshmen students who have completed programs similar to The Robinson School.

The Robinson School offers facilities which mirror those of a college campus and programs designed to develop the skills to meet the challenges of the college experience. The Robinson School specializes in college preparation for young men with disabilities through the postgraduate experience. All students begin their year as new students, who are able to enjoy a fresh start which provides them with the opportunity to progress through the postgraduate year as a common experience.

Applying for admission to The Robinson School is much like completing college admission application. The Robinson School requires: a completed application form with fee, an application essay, an official high school transcript, results of SAT and/or ACT (if it has been taken) , and a personal interview. A parent reference is optional.  It is required that parents accompany their son on any visits to The Robinson School prior to admission.


The Robinson School is a 501 (c) (3) all donations are tax deductible.


For more detailed information about the Robinson School, contact Vincent at The Robinson School:

Tel: 973.204.5413
Fax: 973.757.2054
E-mail: director@therobinsonschool.org