In efforts to promote post graduate athletics as viable means to college acceptance and attainment of college scholarships, The Robinson School offers scholarships to deserving high school / Post Graduate students enrolling in our school with hopes of playing college sports. The Robinson School also offers various ways in which anyone can get involved.

You can create an endowment in the form of a scholarship.  Here are various ways to do so:

  • Combine memorial donations to create a one-time scholarship to honor a loved-one
  • Make a lump-sum contribution that specifies the creation of a scholarship fund
  • Bequeath funds for a scholarship in your will
  • Establish a planned gift to fund a scholarship
  • Have members of your church’s congregation donate funds monthly to create a scholarship fund

The minimum amount to create a scholarship is $1000.  You are able to name the award, as well.  Contact Vincent Robinson for more information.  You can start your scholarship fund by completing the Scholarship Giving Form and submitting your funds.   Your gift will provide a talented and gifted child an opportunity to attend The Robinson School which focuses on those gifts and helps that student acquire college scholarships using their gifts and talents. Please Donate Today!