In 2008, Vincent Robinson at that time with The NIA Prep School introduced the concept of a post graduate basketball program that would combine athletic training and academic education. With Mr. Robinson at the helm it was a complete success, The NIA PREP Eagles went on to become one of the nation’s top prep teams in the country completing the 2008-09 season 26-6 and won the Apex Academy Regional Prep Championship. Every student athlete from the 2008-09 season received a scholarship. Mr Robinson’s NIA Prep team started the season 10-1 and were ranked #10 in the nation by espn http://sports.espn.go.com/ncaa/recruiting/basketball/mens/news/story?id=4670167 before Mr. Robinson resigned in early November.  Mr. Robinson helped many student athletes achieve their dreams of becoming a college student athlete, still wanting to assist student athletes, he decided in late 2009 to start his own school, specifically design to help those students with disabilities, high school seniors, and post graduates who need a year to improve their ACT standardized test scores and skill development to qualify for a academic or athletic scholarship.
So today, we have THE ROBINSON SCHOOL.
The Purpose of the Post Graduate Basketball Program
The Robinson School is a dedicated to increasing scholarship opportunities for post-graduate athletes to be recruited. Our student athletes have the unique opportunity to develop and mature while getting physically, emotionally, and mentally stronger.  They gain the experience of playing basketball at its highest level before college which prepares them to compete for playing time as a freshman on the collegiate level. They compete nationally against top post-graduate, JV, & junior college programs in the country.  They gain national exposure through events which attract college basketball recruiters from across the country.  Our student athletes have the advantage of being recruited over others due to our vast contacts with college coaches from all over the country who attend practice or games. Our student athletes are watched by over 200 college coaches each year from NCAA D-1, D-2, NAIA D-1, D-2 and Junior College D-1 & D-2. The Robinson School is arguably the best post graduate program in the country sending EVERY student athlete to college on scholarships since we opened in 2010!!!!!!!!!!!