Summer Workout Program

The Robinson School will have a very intense summer workout program for male and female HS students local and abroad. Train with the staff who has sent more than 100 student athletes to college on scholarship in 6 years!!!!!!!! Two 4 hour training sessions each day Monday-Friday June-August. Training sessions will include ball-handling, passing, moving without the ball, defensive principles, setting proper screens, shooting mechanics, speed, agility, quickness, weight training, core training, effective pick and roll, read and react, and so much more. COLLEGE COACHES WILL ATTEND TRAINING SESSIONS LOOKING FOR FUTURE PROSPECTS. Student athletes will play in a local summer league to showcase their skills. Local participants monthly tuition is $600. Boarding student athletes tuition is $1200 monthly. Only 10 participants per month NO EXCEPTIONS. Get thousands of shots up on our basketball shooting gun which increases your chances of earning a college scholarship. . I-20’s are available for international students.

Click on the Links Below to see Video from the Workouts

ONLY 6 BOARDING PARTICIPANTS ACCEPTED. Boarding tuition includes room, board, meal plan, transportation to and from workout sessions and summer league games.  For more information please call 973-204-5413 or Please visit our website at