Bagley Talks Decision

Jay Gomes Editor

NJ Hoops
Terrell Bagley

Former Linden star and current Robinson School scorer Terrell Bagley made a verbal commitment to FDU this week. 

NJ Hoops spoke with Bagley about his decision.

NJ Hoops: Why did you decide on FDU?
TB: I like the coaching staff. I like the head coach. I like the assistants. 
NJ Hoops: What do you like about the coaches there?
TB: They showed me a lot of love.
NJ Hoops: When did you decide?
TB: About a week ago. I talked it over with my family. We waited a little time to announce it. 
NJ Hoops: Was there one coach recruiting you more than the others? Or was it a group effort?
TB: It was a group effort
NJ Hoops: When did they start recruiting you?
TB: Last year at Linden
NJ Hoops: When did they first see you play?
TB: I want to say when we played Hackensack.
NJ Hoops: What did they say your role would be?
TB: Come in and be a guard who can create his own shot. Be a basketball player. Do things on my own and get my teammates involved.
NJ Hoops: What did you do on the visit?
TB: I watched the team practice
NJ Hoops: How was the campus?
TB: I liked it. It was really nice. Everyone was pleasant. It’s close to home. I made friends and have friends who go there.
NJ Hoops: Was the location a factor?
TB: It was a factor. My family can see me play in college.
NJ Hoops: Did you meet the players and how did you like them?
TB: Some of them. And I know some of the guys coming in next year like Devine Eke so that helps. We’re familiar with each others game. If they get the big man they’re after it will be a great 2014 class.
NJ Hoops: Was the school’s academic reputation a factor?
TB: It’s a very big factor. Education comes first. To do something good in life you have to have an education. You can stay in state and get a good education.
NJ Hoops: What were the other schools that you were considering?
TB: Wagner, URI, Rhode Island, Towson and Charleston
NJ Hoops: What other schools offered scholarships?
TB: FDU was the first. The others were waiting on my ACT
NJ Hoops: Did you visit any other schools?
TB: Just NJIT. That’s it. I was setting up some others but committed.
NJ Hoops: What school sent you your first recruiting letter?
TB: Hofstra when I was in 10th grade. From Coach Demeo.
NJ Hoops: Who is the best player you ever played with and against?
TB: I’m a very good competitor. I’ve played against a lot of good players. But I push myself every day. Every day I make an effort to get better. So I compete against myself. So I’d say myself. I work hard to maximize my ability.
NJ Hoops: There must have been some people along the way that helped you out in getting you the scholarship. Are there any people you want to thank?
TB: Definitely Coach Robinson, my family, fan and supporters, my AAU coaches. Most of all my family.
NJ Hoops: How does it feel to have the decision behind you?
TB: It feels good. I can just focus on my game and getting better every day. I want to have a great impact next season. I have high aspirations.
NJ Hoops: How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
TB: 6-foot-4, 185 lbs. 
NJ Hoops: What would you say are your strengths and what would you say you had to continue to improve on? 
TB: Everyone says I’m a slasher. I can make myself a better shooter. I’m physically tough. I want to become a more complete player.
NJ Hoops: Thanks and best wishes. It’s good to see all the hard work pay off.