The Robinson School Raises the Bar with scholarships

The Robinson School a post graduate program in Irvington, NJ continues to raise the bar with getting student athletes basketball scholarships. Founded by Vincent Robinson in 2010 The Robinson School has sent an astounding 45 student athletes to college on athletic and academic scholarships. This season’s he has 9 student athletes committed to colleges such as Morgan State, Ohio University, Montreat College (NC), Bloomfield College, Farleigh Dickinson University, Concordia College, Pace University and The University of West Alabama. Stated Vincent Robinson ” Our program is very unique in student athletes expect a scholarship when they come here. We tell everyone you do not want to be the 1st person to not receive a scholarship from our program.” Robinson stepped down from his coaching duties 9 games into the season to allow his nephew Charles Alexander to become the head coach. “I stepped down knowing Charles was ready to be a head coach of this program. Charles taking over allows me to focus on our expansion with our new program opening in Atlanta next season.” Previous teams student athletes have gone on to play at Coppin State, Morgan State, Iona College, Concordia College(NY), Concordia College(AL), Bluefield State College, Mid-Continent State, University of Maryland Eastern Shore and a host of other colleges and universities. What separates The Robinson School from other post graduate programs is Robinson’s relationship with college coaches all over the country. “My players are usually kids who are being recruited by D3 schools who don’t offer scholarships but our staff will recruit them and get them a D-1 or D-2 scholarship. Post grad programs range in price from $3,000-$30,000 but not all post graduate programs are the same stated Robinson “Post Grad basketball is like anything else you have good programs and bad programs chances are if you’re at a $3,000 a year post graduate program you’re not traveling much, they don’t tape their games and college coaches probably don’t know about the program. From the look of things The Robinson School seems to be an upper echelon post graduate program as the program is run like a division 1 program student athletes have a basketball shooting gun, take classes each day, life weights daily with their strength and conditioning trainer and participate in individual training each day. “Our program offers everything someone needs to get better as a student and athlete. We have 4 fulltime coaches, in a great  conference(ECPSAC), Currently, seven (7) schools belong to the ECPSAC, The Robinson School NJ, Coastal Academy NJ, Prestige Academy NJ, CNC Leadership Prep NY, Mt. Zion Prep (Balt, MD), Laurel Prep, MD, Upper Room Christian School, NY and Rise Academy, Philadelphia Pa. Unlimited athletic apparel with our sponsorship from Robinson Athletic Apparel and housing unlike any other program our student athletes have their own rooms with cable, internet and Wi-Fi” stated Robinson. The Robinson School has done a tremendous job with getting student athletes scholarships saving parents hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This article is courtesy of the ECPSAC.

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